Zeiss IOL Master 500 Optical Biometer (Pre-Owned)

Zeiss IOL Master 500 Optical Biometer (Pre-Owned)


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The pre-owned Zeiss IOLMaster 500 optical biometer is a reliable, fast, and easy to use choice for eyecare professionals. The IOLMaster is the only biometer with distance-independent telecentric keratometry which allows for superior, precise measurements.

A user-friendly interface, plausibility checks, and distance-independent measures offer the cataract surgeon an improved instrument that is up to 4x faster than other optical devices. Addditionally, the IOLMaster 500’s advanced measurement tools provide a higher success ration than that of other optical biometers, even for the most challenging eyes.


  • Fully refurbished Zeiss IOL Master V5.4
  • Table
  • Keyboard, Mouse, Printer
  • Test Eye
  • Warranty covering parts, labor, and shipping

All certified pre-owned inventory from EMS is completely refurbished, tested, and re-calibrated by factory-trained technicians. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.


Measurement range
Axial length 14 – 38mm
Corneal radii 5 – 10mm
Anterior chamber depth 1.5 – 6.5mm
White-to-white 8 – 16mm
Display scaling
Axial length 0.01mm
Corneal radii 0.01mm
Anterior chamber depth 0.01mm
White-to-white 0.1mm
IOL calculation formulas
Haigis, Hoffer® Q, Holladay 1 and 2, SRK® II, SRK® / T
Clinical history and contact lens fitting method for calculation of corneal refractive power following refractive corneal surgery
Haigis-L IOL calculation for eyes following
myopic/ hyperopic LASIK / PRK /LASEK surgery
Calculation of phakic anterior and posterior chamber implants
Optimization of IOL constants
Ultrasound data link
ZEISS eyecare data management system FORUM®
ZEISS computer-assisted cataract surgery system CALLISTO eye (via USB)
Data interface for electronic medical record (EMR) / patient management systems (PMS)
Data export to USB storage media
Export database for Holladay IOL Consultant and HIC.SOAP Pro
Ethernet port for network connection and network printer
Line voltage
100 – 240 V ± 10% (self sensing)
Line frequency
50 – 60 Hz
Performance consumption
max. 75 VA
Laser class

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