CATS Tonometer Prism

CATS Tonometer Prism


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The FDA-cleared, patented CATS Tonometer Prism instantly delivers accurate IOP measurement and has established a new standard in reliable Goldmann IOP measurement. 

CATS® Tonometer Prisms feature a unique, patented, dual-curved surface design that successfully reduces measurement errors caused by corneal biomechanics, corneal thickness, and tear film, which affect a large percentage of patients.1-4 Simply replace your traditional Goldmann prism with a new CATS Tonometer Prism to instantly overcome these error-causing factors.2-4 CATS Tonometer Prism is made in the USA.


  • More accurate results (94% improvement for at-risk patients) based on scientific studies
  • Integrates seamlessly with all existing Goldmann type tonometers by simply replacing the GAT with the CATS prism
  • Maintain existing clinician measurement technique and patient throughput
  • Perfect for all patient populations and all eye care clinicians
  • Ergonomic design for increased clinical functionality 


  • SKU package dimensions:   5.75″ (W) x 2.25″ (D) x 0.625″ (H)
  • SKU Weight: .08 lbs
  • Country of Origin:  USA
  • Manufacturer SKU: CATS-R, CATS


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