Haag Streit Stimuli Advanced Acuity System

Haag Streit Stimuli Advanced Acuity System


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Announcing a Technological Breakthrough for Testing Visual Acuity...Advanced Refraction Equipment - the StimuliTM Advanced Version 4.0
Randomizes optotypes and eliminates patient memory effect. Calibrates for long, short, or folded exam rooms. Wide Dynamic Range, High Sensitivity. Offers pediatric patients special video and fixation targets. Resolves to Sub-pixel accuracy. The most commonly used buttons are grouped in a circular pattern around a single button in the middle. So, the practitioner can remain in eye contact with the patient while conducting the examination and selecting one of the features.

  • Wide Dynamic Range, High Sensitivity
  • Randomizes optotypes
  • Resolves to sub-pixel accuracy
  • Pediatric version available

This also features a range of tests for maximum efficiency - at start-up the first test is the multi-line acuity chart. Other charts include:

  • Red/Green that can be isolated and reversed
  • Unique sizable 4-dot
  • Fixation test on black or white screen
  • Astigmatic dial with controllable indicator and time and date charts. After a chart is selected, the different optotypes can be changed

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