Lombart CVS i21 Acuity System

Lombart CVS i21 Acuity System


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The Lombart CVSi21 utilizes the Apple Macintosh computer, renowned for its stability.

This all inclusive unit incorporates a High Quality LED flat panel 21.5"" monitor and CPU in a compact one-piece system that mounts easily to the wall. Exclusive software features a wide range of popular optotypes required in today's practice environment. Standard optotypes include: Snellen Latters, Tumbling E, Landolt Rings, Numbers, HOTV, Crowding Bars, Children's Charts, Red/Green Testing, ETDRS and Contrast Testing. Compact remote control is logically configured and provides direct access to all functions. Enhanced features include random character generalization, single letter isolation, vertical and horizontal line isolation, 4-dot and fixation tests, built-in video clips for child fixation, and easy retrieval of images for patient education. See image below for example:

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