OptoVue RTVue Scanner OCT (Pre-Owned)

OptoVue RTVue Scanner OCT (Pre-Owned)


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This refurbushed Optovue RTVue Optical Coherence Tomographer Features:

Fourier-Domain Optical Coherence Technology
High Resolution Retinal Imaging
Real-Time Eye Tracking
Vitroretina Imaging
Deep Choroid Imaging (DCI)

*Includes warranty covering parts, labor, and shipping. All certified pre-owned inventory from EMS is completely refurbished, tested, and re-calibrated by factory-trained technicians. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Note: Product may differ from image based on availability. Please contact us for details. 


RTVue is an ultra-high speed, high resolution OCT retina scanner used for retina imaging and analysis. It is based on the next generation Fourier-Domain Optical Coherence technology just emerging from clinical research in the last two years. The ultra-high speed and high resolution features enable the FD-OCT to visualize the retinal tissue with ultra-high clarity in a fraction of seconds. 


  • Advanced clinic scan protocols, designed by OCT thought leaders: Retinal scan patterns:
  • High Definition B-Scan
  • Speckle Less Image Horizontal and vertical views
  • Dense thickness/elevation maps
  • Fast raster scan
  • 3D retinal animation 1
  • 3D retinal animation 2
  • 3D, B-Scan, C-Scan and SLO images
  • Glaucoma Scan Patterns:(protocol of AIG Study, http://www.aigstudy.net)
  • Disk/rim/cup contours and RNFL thickness map
  • Inner retinal thickness & Superior/Inferior
  • 3.45mm diameter RNFL thickness with progressive/asymmetry analysi


The founders of Optovue have hands on experience on the development of all three previous and current generations of ophthalmic OCT products. RTVue is designed with the goal to advance the retinal diagnosis for routine clinic use in mind. 

RTVuehas the following features: 
• Ultra-high speed: 65 time faster (26,000A-scan/s) for 3D and high density mapping 
• High Resolution: Twice the resolution (5µm) than Stratus™ OCT 
• Scan depth: Up to 2.5mm for imaging the macular and 2.3mm for imaging a tilt disk. 
• Two image modes: 
o Vitreo mode: for better vitreoretinal tissue image 
o Choriod mode: for better chorioretinal tissue image 
• High transverse scan resolution:15µm 
• Video fundus image: Fundus camera optical design for high quality NIR retina image 
• Non-mydriatic imaging: The pupil size required for the fundus image is 3.0mm 
• Long working distance: 22mm from cornea to ocular lens 




RTVue Scanner:

  • OCT Image: 26,000 A-scan/second
  • Frame Rate: 256 to 4096 A-scan/Frame
  • Depth Resolution (in tissue) : 5.0µm
  • Transverse Resolution: 15µm
  • Scan Range: Depth: 2- 2.3mm Transverse: 2mm to 12mm
  • Scan Beam Wavelength: λ=840±10nm
  • Exposure Power at pupil: 750µW

Fundus Imager:

  • FOV: 32° (H) x 23° (V)
  • Minimum Pupil diameter: 3.0 mm
  • Illumination: Near IR

Patient Interface:

  • Working Distance: 22mm
  • Motorized Focus Range: -15D to +12D

Computer Unit:

  • CPU: 2.66 GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • RAM: 4GB

Foot print:

  • 1010mm(W) x 520mm(D)

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