S4OPTIK SL-Y100 Manual Refractor

S4OPTIK SL-Y100 Manual Refractor


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The S4OPTIK SL-Y100 Manual Refractor features synchronized cross cylinders, fully coated lenses, a full refraction range from -19.00D to +16.75D in sphere and to -8.00D cylinder (with accessory lens), and a full complement of auxiliary lenses. It’s comfortable feel and smooth operation will allow fast and easy refractions.


Coated Lenses

Synchronized Cross Cylinders

Comfortable Feel & Smooth Operation

Manufacturer SKUs: SL-Y100, SL-Y100-B, SL-Y100-P, SL-100-P-B

Short Codes: SLY100, SLY100B, SLY100P, SLY100PB NIDEK SLY-100


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