Topcon MC-4S Mirror Chart

Topcon MC-4S Mirror Chart


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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:The MC-4S 3D Mirror Chart allows you to maximize your exam space. It simulates a full 20 ft. lane in a 2'-5' range, allowing for use in very small refraction areas. The MC-4S features a high resolution, polarized LCD display that includes all common visual acuity charts as well as the ability to customize refraction programs and show 3D movies or the effects of polarization on a patient's glasses. The addition of virtual content enables the operator to test visual performance in real life situations. The MC-4S can be linked to Topcon's CV-5000S Vision Tester and EXAM-5000 Refraction System through the KB-50 One-Dial Controller. Please note: The MC-4S does not work in stand-alone mode and must be connected to the CV-5000S.


  • Wide range of optotypes, including pediatric and EDTRS charts
  • 3D images and movies
  • Astigmatism chart
  • Polarized images
  • Contrast testing
  • Binocular balance/polarization chart
  • Full connectivity to the CV-5000S and EXAM-5000 Refraction System through the KB-50S One Dial Controller



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