Volk Single Use Capsulotomy Lens (Box of 10)


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The Volk single use capsulotomy lens is ideal for laser capsulotomy procedures.

Volk Product ID: VCAPSD10


  • Direct image, high-resolution lens enabling precise focused laser beam placement at the capsular bag in a single use design.
  • Volk®1 Single Use lenses aim to reduce the potential for transmission of infectious disease while eliminating reprocessing costs (disinfection & sterilization).
  • Pre-sterilized and packaged in sealed Tyvek® pouches.
  • Quality of Volk-manufactured optics deliver high-resolution images in a sterile, one-time-use design
  • Assurance - Eliminate the potential for cross-contamination
  • Convenience - Do away with cumbersome, costly reprocessing of durable, resuable lenses


Lens Image Mag. Laser Spot Contact Diam. Lens Height
Volk®1 Single Use Capsulotomy Lens 1.57x .63x 14.2mm 13.3mm

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