Volk Digital Wide Field Lens


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The Digital Wide-Field® provides the highest resolution pan retinal examination at the slit lamp. Enhanced imaging, and the widest field of any non-contact lens, it is the ultimate 90D lens and more.

Available in multiple colors! 

Volk Product ID: VDGTLWF


  • Advanced double aspheric design provides enhanced imaging
  • Ultimate 90D lens with similar magnification and widest field of view past the vortex
  • Unique glass surface curves and coating minimize distortion and reflections
  • High index glass ensures highest resolution stereo image, even through small pupils


  • Lens: Digital Wide Field
  • Field of View: 103°/124°
  • Image Magnification: 1.39x
  • Laser Spot: .72x
  • Working Distance: 4 - 5mm

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