Volk Vold VVG Surgical Gonio Lens

Volk Vold VVG Surgical Gonio Lens


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The Volk Vold VVG Surgical Gonio lens lens has been designed specifically for MIGS and all other intraoperative gonioscopic procedures.

Volk Product ID: VTSTVG


  • Stabilize and control the globe throughout the procedure
  • Minimize pressure on the cornea to maintain clear angle visualization without anterior chamber distortion
  • Visualize iridocorneal angle in primary phaco position, with minimal microscope and head adjustments
  • Ambidextrous handle enables all surgeons to use a single gonio lens
Lens Image Mag. Contact Diam. Stabilization Ring Diam. Handle Length
AVG 1.2x 9.5mm 15mm 98mm

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